Eusko dantzari

Patrimonio, Herencia de Mujer

Heritage, Women's Legacy

Heritage, Women's Legacy

Jornadas Europeas del Patrimonio en Euskadi

Ondarearen, Emakumeen Emaria

Las mujeres también presentes en las Artes

Heritage, Women's Legacy

Mujeres reparando las redes de pesca.

Ondarearen, Emakumeen Emaria

Sardineran a principios de siglo

Patrimonio, Herencia de Mujer

Alineación de un antiguo equipo femenino de fútbol.

Ondarearen, Emakumeen Emaria

Mujer huyendo de un bombardeo.

Patrimonio, Herencia de Mujer

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days are an ambitious cultural heritage awareness programme organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the European Union.

They consist of open days in which, exceptionally and for a limited time, the public can access and learn about numerous resources linked to their heritage and history.

Euskadi, seen by women

Is it possible to interpret our heritage from a gender-based perspective?

Euskadi: marked by women

Throughout history, women have left their mark on Euskadi, the Basque Country, and have helped to forge the very character of this land.

For generations, women have played an essential role in shaping, spreading and preserving our cultural heritage.

The theme chosen for this year’s European Heritage Days is “Heritage, a Woman’s Legacy”, giving us a chance to take a different viewpoint as we observe our heritage in social and cultural terms.

We have organised numerous activities in all three of our territories, seeking to highlight the way in which women have been silenced, discriminated against and rendered invisible in matters of heritage. This goes for the extent to which they are represented and the contributions that they have made.


Activities in the various territories


Activities programmed


Activities programmed


Activities programmed

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